Structure and Characteristics of Single Spiral Freezer



This article introduces the structure and characteristics of the Single Spiral Freezer

Structure and Characteristics of Single Spiral Freezer

Single Spiral Freezer is an energy-saving quick freezing equipment with compact structure, wide application range, small area and large freezing capacity.

Single Spiral Freezer consists of drive section, evaporator, storehouse plate and electrical device.

The drive part of Single Spiral Freezer consists of drive motor, belt, turret and independent frequency converter.

The evaporator is composed of stainless steel and aluminium fins, arranged with variable fin spacing to ensure smooth air circulation. The evaporation exhaust pipe can be aluminium tube and copper tube.

Single Spiral Freezer libraries are made of stainless steel;

The electrical system consists of stainless steel electrical box and intelligent control device.

Structure determines function, so Single Spiral Freezer features the following:

1. Single Spiral Freezer has a large freezing capacity, which makes full use of the characteristics of screw-type quick-freezer due to its dual drum structure.

2. Compact structure and small area;

3. A large number of machined parts are used to eliminate the accumulated drives deviation and drive inconsistency caused by welding deformation, welding stress concentration.

4. The conveyor belt has strong elongation resistance and high wear resistance, thus improving the service life and stability of the equipment.

5. Single Spiral Freezer has a self-test device for belt operation, which can monitor the belt operation at any time, eliminating unnecessary losses due to poor belt operation.