Specializing in the engineering design of quick freezing equipment, refrigeration equipment and supporting refrigeration systems


Plate Freezer

Plate freezer can be used for land and marine application, specially for batch loading and freezing of naked fish, meats, offal’s, fruit puree and liquids.

Spiral Freezer

Spiral freezer can freeze maximum quantity of products in minimum space, which is especially suitable for products needed long holding time. It can be widely used in various aquatic products, meat, and poultry, Quick-freezing processing of vegetables, fruits, pasta, beverages, etc.

Tunnel Freezer

The tunnel freezer can be widely used in the quick-freezing processing of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, beverages, aquatic products, poultry, meat, pasta, etc. The all-stainless steel structure ensures food safety and hygiene.

Blast Freezer

Blast freezer adopts highly efficient evaporator with large fins and special air coolers, which can be used for both bulk freezing and cold storage.

Refrigeration System

High efficiency in heat-exchange of the evaporator Ensuring compressor well working and improving refrigerating efficiency

Cool-Air Fish Dryer

The cold air dryer is mainly used for the drying and processing of fish products. It has low energy consumption, closed circulation, no external pollution, convenient operation, simple maintenance, and ensures the maximum freshness of food. After processing, the food has less oil denaturation, bright color, and beautiful appearance.

Processing Line

According to the processing requirements of various aquatic products, we provide complete sets of production lines for fish or shrimp processing.


Defroster utilizes the low-temperature high-humidity air to blow the surface of frozen products circularly and evenly, Controlling the defreezing time, temperature and humidity by stages. The frozen products can be unfrozen slowly and homogeneously.

Water Chiller

Falling-film type Water Chiller, adopts falling-film type plates and big enough space beside the water film on the evaporator plates, with features of high refrigerating efficiency and low energy consumption.