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Strategically located in the new industrial zone close to the mouth of Yangtze River, Nantong Worldbase Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high tech company with more than 200,000sqm manufacturing area and registered capital of RMB25.6 million. Worldbase is proud to have a talented team with comprehensive R&D capabilities to design, manufacture, supply and install quick freezing and refrigerating equipment for food processing industry .....MORE

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Applied inside the food processing bases and various deep-sea fishing boats.


Plate Freezer, Spiral Freezer, Tunnel Freezer, Ice Machine, Blast Freezer, Cool-Air Fish Dryer, Refrigeration Equipment, Skinning Machine and etc.


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20 2021-07

China Horizontal plate freezer on sales tells: What are the reasons for the high-pressure failure of the freezer?

The refrigerant is overcharged. This situation generally occurs after maintenance, and it is manifested as high suction and discharge pressure and balance pressure, and the compressor operating current is also high. Solution: The refrigerant should be discharged according to the suction and discharge pressure and the balance pressure and the operating current under the rated conditions until it is normal.
14 2021-07

Introduction of China Horizontal plate freezer on sales: daily maintenance knowledge of the freezer!

Chiller status: Press the status key on the keyboard to confirm that no fault information is displayed. Please refer to the operation manual of the microcomputer control center for the content of the display sentence and fault clearing.
08 2021-07

China Horizontal plate freezer on sales tells: the knowledge of the principle analysis of the freezer running oil!

If you find that the refrigerator is running out of oil, it basically has a lot to do with its structure. There are some refrigerators on the market that are manufactured in this way, that is, the refrigerating oil and the refrigerant are originally mixed, because the density of the refrigerating oil and the refrigerant are not the same, that is, the weight is different.
30 2021-06

China Horizontal plate freezer on sales introduces the working principle of the freezer?

The high-temperature gaseous refrigerant entering the condensing coil exchanges heat with water and air sprayed from the outside of the coil through the coil wall. The temperature of the refrigerant gas decreases as the time in the pipe increases, and gradually changes from a gaseous state to a liquid state.
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