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Strategically located in the new industrial zone close to the mouth of Yangtze River, Nantong Worldbase Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high tech company with more than 200,000sqm manufacturing area and registered capital of RMB25.6 million. Worldbase is proud to have a talented team with comprehensive R&D capabilities to design, manufacture, supply and install quick freezing and refrigerating equipment for food processing industry .....MORE

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Applied inside the food processing bases and various deep-sea fishing boats.


Plate Freezer, Spiral Freezer, Tunnel Freezer, Ice Machine, Blast Freezer, Cool-Air Fish Dryer, Refrigeration Equipment, Skinning Machine and etc.


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19 2021-10

How Blast Freezer on sales works

Blast Freezer on sales is to freeze the center temperature of quick-frozen items to -18° in a short time, and quickly pass through the ice crystal production zone (0 to -5 degrees) within 30 minutes to reduce nutrient loss and reduce the loss of nutrients. Purpose.
12 2021-10

About the working principle of Slurry Ice Machine For sale

The high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas enters the shell side of the condenser through the air inlet above the condenser. The cooling water pump pumps the cooling water out of the water storage tank of the cooling tower, and enters the condenser through the inlet on the right side of the condenser. In the pipe pass, it exchanges heat with the refrigerant outside the copper tube of the condenser, and the temperature rises. It comes out from the water outlet on the upper right side of the condenser, passes through the water outlet pipe, and enters the water inlet pipe of the cooling tower. The water outlet is evenly sprinkled on the filler, and the fan is sucked by the fan to exchange heat with the water in the filler to reduce the water temperature. The cooled water is stored in the water storage tank for reuse.
08 2021-10

Slurry Ice Machine For sale introduces the ice making process of the ice machine

The ice maker is a kind of refrigeration mechanical equipment that produces ice after the water passes through the evaporator and is cooled by the refrigeration system refrigerant. The refrigeration system uses a water carrier to produce ice after passing through a certain equipment in the energized state.
28 2021-09

What are the uses of Flake Ice Machine in china

Application in the processing of aquatic products: flake ice can reduce the temperature of processing media, washing water, and aquatic products, prevent bacterial growth, and keep aquatic products fresh during processing.
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